Working out is a habit that most women don’t like to ignore for long. You tend to feel restless after a few days if you don’t hit the gym. Many women who wish to undergo breast implant surgery often ask when they can go back to the gym to start exercising. Fortunately, breast implant surgery does not have a lengthy recovery period. Here’s everything you need to know about the recovery period after a breast implant surgery.

Week by week progress

You need to have a week by week plan to start exercising after the surgery. Many women think that they need to rest for a couple of months before hitting the gym. That’s a myth. Patients can usually go home right after the operation. Here is the weekly exercise planner that you can follow:

• First two weeks – start by walking slowly in your room. It shouldn’t be too strenuous. Just short, brisk walks will do. Walk for at least ten to fifteen minutes every other hour. An hour’s walk every day is more than enough for the first couple of weeks. Walking will prevent blood clots around your breast region. It also makes the blood circulate better. Continue this for two weeks. This will prepare your body for slightly more vigorous exercises.
• Third and fourth week – your body is now capable of handling cardio exercises. Start by walking on a treadmill. Don’t try to jog immediately. Increase the pace of your walk. You can also walk uphill if you don’t have a treadmill.
• Fifth and sixth week – you can resume most of your exercises except heavy lifting. Lifting weights put a lot of pressure on your chest area. You can do various yoga poses or the exercises you usually do every day. Also, try not to include exercises that involve a lot of jumping. Skipping and jumping jacks, for example, are exercises that you should keep away from initially.
• After six weeks – your body is now fit for all types of exercises. There are no restrictions when it comes to weightlifting or on exercises that involve jumping.

Exercises to avoid

Most doctors suggest that you should avoid strenuous chest exercises after breast surgery, whether it’s breast implant or breast reduction surgery. You should wait until you are sure that you are fully healed. The implants sit right under your breast muscles. Chest exercises will place the contraction downwards, thus giving an outward pressure. This will result in the implants getting displaced or dropping after a few months. Pushups and planks can risk these outcomes. Make sure you avoid these exercises at least for ten months or maybe even a year.

It is always best to listen to your body after breast implant surgery. If you notice that your breasts are swelling or you are feeling uncomfortable, stop exercising immediately. Give them some rest for a few days and go to the doctor before resuming your gym regime. Also, hire a fitness trainer. Inform everything about the surgery and what the doctor said about exercising. He/she will come up with a suitable set of exercises that will keep the implants intact without affecting your fitness levels.