Summer camp and sports league may be canceled due to the pandemic, but it doesn’t mean there are no ways for your kids to remain active. Kids need to keep their bodies moving for them to remain healthy. Physical activity is necessary not only for physical purposes, but it also helps in building their confidence. 

As parents, it’s important to provide your children with plenty of opportunities for them to move their bodies throughout the day. According to experts, kids up to 17 years of age should at least be able to participate in moderate to tough physical activity at least sixty minutes a day, three times a week. It’s not that hard to encourage your children to exercise because most kids consider exercise as playtime.

Since we are told to stay at home, there are still ways you can do to improve your kids’ fitness. One way is to involve using toys they can play with that also provide an opportunity for them to be physically active.

Here are seven toys which can help children exercise.

Hula hoops

Hula hoops are classic. These toys are fun to play with not only for children but for adults as well. When your kids play with a hula hoop, they will have to wiggle their hips and will be able to use their big joints in making different motions. Not only will they sweat, but they will also have fun. If this is a new task for your child, teach your child to be patient as learning new activities will take time and focus.

Monkey bars

If you don’t have access to your local playground, then you can purchase a toy monkey bar that can be used indoors or outdoors. Monkey bars are one of the most fun types of playground equipment that a lot of kids enjoy. These toys can help your children in building their muscles and strength. It also provides a good challenge to develop their confidence. When your child swings on monkey bars, it has an effect on their posture and balance. Doing this activity frequently can help your child fight obesity.

Dance dance revolution

Dance dance revolution is considered to be healthy for kids. According to a study, kids who play dance dance revolution at least thirty minutes, five times a week did not gain weight, and also they improved their blood pressure, aerobic capacity, and fitness level. Not only will your kids have fun dancing, but it will also give them a better attitude towards exercise.

Toy trampoline

Trampoline-based activities are always fun. You can always see a huge smile when children jump around on a trampoline. Well, it’s not also fun, but there are serious benefits kids can gain when they play on a trampoline. As they bounce, they strengthen their muscles, and they also increase their energy level, which helps them to be more alert. Jumping on a trampoline helps your child develop their level of coordination, balance, and concentration.

Climbing toys

Among all physical activities, climbing is the topmost favorite activity for children. Kids always have the intention of climbing anywhere. Climbing always is beneficial to kids. It helps them build their muscles and develop their mental capacity. 

Gymnastic toys

Kids love to jump, bounce, or climb. This is why gymnastics toys are perfect for them. They can use it when they want to practice their tumbling skills instead of doing it on your couch or bed. These toys are flexible, so your kids can enjoy hours of play and do physical activity at the same time.

Jumping rope

Things like coordination, timing, balance and posture can be learned when kids play jumping rope. It’s a fun activity that allows a whole family to enjoy. The good thing about jumping rope is it’s easy to learn, and it also provides children to experiment with different kinds of jumps.

Encouraging kids to exercise with the help of these toys is no challenge at all. This is because, for kids, exercise means playtime and having fun. After getting sweaty, encourage your kids to get cleaned by taking a bath after giving them a moment to rest. No matter how old your child is, it’s important for them to get regular bathing as it’s essential for developing good hygiene habits. You can provide them with bath toys for them to continue the fun after doing those physical activities.